About Honey Solutions

As bulk honey suppliers, our mission is to service the approximate 300 million pounds per year ingredient and food service segment of the US honey industry. Our nationally branded and specialty food processor customers value our quality, continuity of supply, timeliness of supply and price competitiveness in the industry. Our advanced honey lab and Quality Assurance works to excel according to BRC AA Certified standards. Our direct-from-the-apiary procurement approach ensures low- cost supplier status for our customers who demand full transparency of their honey supply chain.

Honey is a health-oriented food for both honeybees and humans. Honey is often the critical ingredient of a recipe that demands the reputation of guaranteed PURE HONEY in its marketing. A supplier’s reputation for providing quality is essential to all honey users. Due to our presence in the marketplace, we can provide customers with the highest quality and variety of honey.

View a copy of our 2023-24 BRC Certification and our perpetual Organic Handler Certification.