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Wholesale Honey Suppliers in the USA

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Direct honey procurement at home and abroad, just in time delivery on company owned trucks and an exacting quality management system allows Honey Solutions to service Americas most recognized bakers, food processors, and food service distributors.

The Sweetness of our Company lies within Four Main Components

  1. Quality  Superior conformance to Global Food Safety (GFSI) standards as certified by BRC -British Retail Consortium (see SITE MAP FOR CERTIFICATE) including Cutting edge lab Capabilities include HPLC/MS/MS for antibiotic and trace element detection, HPLC sugar Profiling, Microbiological Profiling (non-pathogen and some pathogen)Pollen Profiling, Color, Moisture, Specific Gravity, Diastase testing, accelerated crystallization testing and many more customer-specific tests.
  2. Continuity of Supply  Honey is often only one component of a finished product. However, it is a critical component. And, honey which is supplied in the majority from overseas sources has a history of seasonality-based shortage and price volatility. A suppliers ability to supply quality honey on a continuous basis is essential. Honey Holding maintains direct purchase relationships with raw honey processors in Europe, Asia, South  and Central America, Canada and the United States insuring cost competitiveness and continuity of supply. Economic benefits of our large purchasing power are passed along to all of our customers.
  3. Timeliness of Supply  Bakers, snack food makers, cereal processors all employ exacting formulas with many ingredients. Just-In-Time delivery to meet production schedules allow these customers to minimize inventories saving space and money. Honey Solutions insures timeliness of supply by owning and operating its own tractors, tankers and trailers. Honey Holding has many different packaging solutions to optimize our customers use of our honey.
  4. Price Competitiveness  All things being equal, price competitiveness over time is fundamental. Honey Solutions has vertical integrated its procurement direct to its foreign suppliers insuring best cost and enhanced food safety (minimizing the middleman).

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