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Truth or Fiction? Setting the Record Straight about Honey

Honey can be used to make a variety of foods and drinks taste better. It’s a big part of the reason why honey has become so popular over the years. But in addition to tasting good, honey can also provide you with a number of health benefits.

There has been some confusion over what those benefits are, though. Let’s separate the fact from the fiction with regards to the health benefits of honey.

Honey can help heal a wound?

Health Benefits of Honey

Truth! Your first thought after sustaining an injury might not be to add honey to a wound, but people have actually been doing it for centuries now. The Greeks and Romans used to dress their wounds with honey back in ancient times, and more recently, Russian and German soldiers turned to honey when dealing with wounds during World War I. Honey has proven to help prevent infections and soothe wounds due to its acidic pH content.

Honey can fight off pollen allergies?

Fiction! There are very small traces of pollen in honey, so some people believe eating it could potentially prepare your body for coming into contact with pollen later and offer it protection. However, the pollen in honey comes from flowers and is not the same pollen that usually triggers allergic reactions in people. So eating honey won’t help you stave off pollen allergies.

Honey can rid your body of certain infections and conditions?

Truth! Honey contains antioxidants that can be used to attack the free radicals that roam through your body at times and do damage to your cells. Therefore, it can be used to fight off everything from chest pain to vertigo.

Honey can help control a toddler’s cough?

Truth! Children under the age of 6 should not be given any over-the-counter cough syrup, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. A better option might be to give them 1.5 teaspoons of honey. Studies have shown it can help them sleep better when managing a cough. Just don’t give honey to any child under the age of 1 since honey can contain normal beehive bacteria that can grow in their still- developing digestive system.Honey Solutions delivers quality procured honey to bakers, food processors, and food service distributors nationwide and abroad. To learn more about what we do and why so many companies trust us with their honey processing, click here.

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