From Bee Hives to Hard Drives – How Bees Changed the Web

From Bee Hives to Hard Drives – How Bees Changed the Web

Honey bees are fascinating creatures. These well-known, flying insects play an essential role in pollination and, of course, are also responsible for producing the sweet honey that we all know and love. Research has shown that honey bees utilize a highly efficient process for pollen gathering and honey production, something scientists have termed the Honey… Read more »

Honey Solutions Receives AA Certification Rating from BRC

Honey Solutions Receives AA Certification Rating from BRC

This year, the staff here at Honey Solutions is proud and honored to announce that we have once again received the distinction of receiving an AA certification rating from the British Retail Consortium (BRC). These certifications are the result of a detailed auditing process conducted by the BRC in which products and manufacturers from around… Read more »

Roundup: What Impact Does this Herbicide Have on Bees and Food?


Roundup is, according to National Geographic, the most widely used herbicide in the entire world. The ubiquitous weed killer, which contains a chemical called glyphosate that is responsible for stopping weed growth, is reportedly used in more than 150 countries, including here in the United States. In just a quarter century, farmers have gone from… Read more »

Mapping Bee Populations Shows Population Declines

Bees are easy to take for granted. Like clean water and fresh air, it is easy to just assume that the bees will always be there when they are needed. Unfortunately, many bee populations are now in serious trouble and a new project that maps bee populations has revealed some of the startling declines in… Read more »

Fake Honey? The Proof is the Pollen

Fake Honey

It’s no secret that most people are fans of honey. We use it on everything, from sweetening our herbal teas to adding sweet flavors to our salad dressings. We even use it as a remedy to many forms of sickness. But what if we told you that the honey you have in your kitchen might… Read more »

Rusty Patched Bumblebees Declared Endangered

Did you know that declining wild bee populations are an indication of potentially serious environmental problems? According to Live Science, a certain species of bumblebee was recently declared an endangered species – and it isn’t the first bee to be on the verge of extinction. The U.S. Endangered Species Act now recognizes the rusty patched… Read more »

Industry Wide Class Action Lawsuit Alleging Transhipment of Chinese Honey Dismissed

Honey Holding is pleased to announce today that the US District Court in Chicago has dismissed the remaining aspects of the putative Class Action Lawsuit which has alleged that many of the of the U,S, honey industry’s largest importers were involved in a global conspiracy… (Case no. 13-CV-02905 in the US District Court for the… Read more »

Non-GMO Project Verified Honey Supplier

Honey Holding is pleased to announce our most recent enhancement to our vertically integrated, global honey sourcing capabilities. We have been verified as a participant in the Non-GMO Project as a qualified honey supplier from our Baytown TX facility. Our Validation Certificate is posted here.

Global Food Safety Initiative Certification

Honey Holding scores a Double A rating (AA) in its most recent BRC Version 7 annual audit which affirms GFSI confidence in all prerequisite quality systems, and particularly new in V7…Integrated controls to ensure that food fraud avoidance are sytematically practiced and continually validated in accordance with a GFSI rated Double A grade Our 2016-17… Read more »